About Me

I’m Moussa Clarke, a senior web developer currently hacking together projects for Sanders Web Works, a digital agency in the UK.

I grew up on Basic and Z80 assembly, but I code mostly in PHP and TypeScript these days. I’ve worked on projects using Laravel, Symfony, NodeJS, AngularJS, Magento, Sylius, OctoberCMS, Nuxt, VueJS, MongoDB, Apex, WordPress, Python, Deluge, and a bunch of other frameworks and scripting doodahs. I’ll basically turn my hand to anything, with the aid of decent documentation, Stack Overflow and coffee.

I’m The Late Developer because, despite coding since I was a kid, I only turned pro much later on, having had longstanding careers in both the music and craft beer industries - both of which I still very much keep my hand in.

This is my code blog, where I share and write about some of the stuff I’ve been learning along the road.